Jeffrey Giligan was tired of school. The hard desk chairs, the long hours sitting and studying, the teachers always standing over him, just waiting to scold him or tell him he was wrong – he couldn’t stand any of it. He stood by his locker and stretched, groaning as his back ached. Michelangelo Demetrius was certainly not cut out for a desk job. He needed to get out of here. All he had to do was get back to his secret base and find out where that device was being kept. His real body must be at the base as well, being possessed by that rotten little pipsqueak. Once he had the device, it was simply a matter of pulling the trigger, and his old life should be back to normal. Then he would ruin this kid’s.

But first he had to get away from the school. He racked his brain, trying to think of some way to escape without being caught. “If they catch me twying to escape, it’s ovew,” he thought aloud. “I don’t even want to think about what my mothew would do to me.”

He shuddered as he remembered his chastisement for sneaking into the abandoned lab. The lectures, the spankings, the fear and despair that washed over him like boiling acid with every disapproving look. He absolutely had to keep up the facade of being a “good boy” in case his mother found out.

“Why do you want to escape?”

Jeffrey looked up, startled, to see another boy standing behind him listening. He quickly clamped his hand over the boy’s mouth and shoved him behind his open locker door, hiding him from view as he looked around conspiratorially. “Shut youw mouth!” he whispered fiercely. “Awe you twying to get me in twouble?”

The boy pulled Jeffrey’s hand off of his mouth. “No,” he said in a quieter voice, “I just thought you might want my help.”


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