It took Albert buying another ice cream cone to get Michelangelo Demetrius to stop crying. Finally, he wiped his eyes on his sleeve and licked at the treat sullenly. Then suddenly, he saw something that brightened his mood considerably. Albert was looking around for their target and didn’t see Michelangelo slip away. The hero joined a crowd of kids that were gathered around someone dressed as a mascot. It was a goofy-looking brown bear with a green shirt and a red-and-blue-striped baseball cap. Michelangelo jumped up and down with a sudden excitement as he called out, “Bubbly Bear! It’s Bubbly Bear!” The mascot turned, took one look at Michelangelo, and took off as fast as it could, the fat costume wobbling as it waddled away from him. “Bubbly Bear! Wait!” Michelangelo called as he ran after it. The mascot looked at one of the kids and gestured behind him, and the kid immediately attacked the pursuing hero, jumping up and clinging to him so as to weigh him down. More and more of the children came after him, grabbing onto his legs and trying to pull him over. Michelangelo shook them off and kept up the chase.

Albert saw them as they ran off through the amusement park. “Mr. Demetrius!” he called. “You found him! Don’t let him get away!”

Michelangelo wondered why Albert cared about Bubbly Bear. He was a grown-up, and grown-ups usually didn’t seem very interested in cartoon characters. But Michelangelo didn’t need any urging. He found that he could run breathtakingly fast when he tried. People jumped out of their way left and right as they charged through crowds. Bubbly Bear, trying to throw his pursuer off his trail, tumbled over the counter of a drink stall and escaped through a door at the back. Michelangelo ran straight through it, breaking a hole through the center and pulling the small building down into a heap of rubble behind him. A terrified vendor that was trapped inside managed to crawl his way out of the collapsed structure.


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