Albert escorted Michelangelo Demetrius as he stumbled away from the roller coaster. Feeling like his insides were all scrambled, the hero leaned over a rail and threw up his lunch. The ordeal had put him in a glum mood, and he felt like he wanted to go home.

That is, until he saw the ice cream. It was being sold at a small stand, and Michelangelo could see there were lots of different flavors. He almost pulled his aide off his feet trying to drag him over to the stand.

Albert bought him a cone with a scoop of chocolate and one of vanilla on top. Michelangelo was so focused on his task of licking it off slowly that he didn’t see the small girl in front of him. He halfway tripped over her, sending his frozen treat plopping down onto her hair before sliding off onto the dirty ground.

Michelangelo glared at the girl angrily. “You made me drop my ice cream!” He noticed she was also holding an ice cream cone.

The girl looked up at the big man uncertainly as she felt the sticky mess on top of her head.

Michelangelo had already been in a bad mood, and the one thing that had eased it was the cold, sweet dessert. “You made me drop mine, so give me yours!” He tried to grab the cone out of her hands, and when she tried to withhold it he ended up crushing it in the struggle. Melting ice cream covered his hands as the cone fell apart. Seeing the gruesome destruction of her treat, the girl burst into tears, and Michelangelo followed her example.

Albert had been scouting around for their target, and he just now caught up with Michelangelo. At the same time, the girl’s mother approached. “What are you doing to my daughter?!” she demanded.

Albert tried to apologize to her for the sobbing Michelangelo, but then the woman recognized the face of the hero. “Oh my, you’re Michelangelo Demetrius! I hope my daughter hasn’t inconvenienced you in any way!”

“He dropped ice cream on my head,” her daughter complained.

The woman looked up at Michelangelo, her face a picture of joyous awe and gratitude. “Oh, thank you so much! I’m sure your wondrous gift will bring happiness to my child! You truly are the greatest hero in the world!”

As she was led off by her mother, the girl tried to protest, “But he ruined my ice cream!”

“Oh, stop complaining,” her mother corrected her. “Not everyone can say they’ve had ice cream dropped on their head by Michelangelo Demetrius!”


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