Michelangelo Demetrius tugged on Albert’s sleeve as he pointed up at the roller coaster. “I wanna ride that one!”

The aide adjusted his glasses as he tried to pull away. “Mr. Demetrius, please remember the reason you are here. We’ve received a tip that Mascot Man is hiding out here. We don’t have time for riding rides–”

“I wanna ride it! I wanna ride it!” Michelangelo demanded, jumping up and down. He pulled so hard on Albert’s sleeve that he almost lost his balance.

“Okay, Mr. Demetrius, let’s catch the criminal first, and then we’ll ride it.”

Suddenly Michelangelo went into full-blown gimme mode. He stomped his foot, causing the ground to quake slightly. “No, now! Now! I wanna ride it now!” His powerful voice ricocheted around the park, causing many people to turn their heads.

Adjusting his glasses, Albert finally caved in to Michelangelo’s demands. “Okay, we can look around the roller coaster while we ride it. But if he’s not there we absolutely must search for him. If we don’t find him, it could be disastrous.”

Michelangelo’s excitement mounted quickly as he sat in the roller coaster. Strange, he didn’t see any pedals. The attendants made him buckle his seat belt and lowered a bar across his lap. Then finally the vehicle started moving. Apparently, it moved by itself. In that case, what did they have against short people?


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