Michelangelo Demetrius was excited. He was going to an amusement park! He had never been to one, since as his mother had told him the companies that ran such parks were corrupt, greedy organizations built on using the promise of cheap thrills to entrap young children in a never-ending cycle of debt and addiction to entertainment. She also said they were too expensive. But now that he was no longer Jeffrey Giligan (student of Metro City Elementary School) but was the world-famous hero Michelangelo Demetrius, even his mother couldn’t stop him from going! From what his aides told him, some villain was reported to be hiding out at the amusement park, and he was apparently supposed to catch him and beat him up. That sounded cool, but not as cool as riding roller coasters! He had heard that young children weren’t allowed to ride some rides because they were too short. He guessed that was because their feet couldn’t reach the pedals. But now that he had the body of this big, tall man, he would be able to ride whatever he wanted!

As he followed his primary aide, Albert – the man who was with him at the school – into the amusement park, he looked around in awe at all the people riding the rides. They screamed in thrilled excitement as they rushed along the track of a roller coaster or made high-speed circles on a dizzying spinning platform. Then he saw a ride that made him fall in love at first sight. It was an extraordinarily tall roller coaster that started off with a long climb, followed by a breathtakingly steep drop, and then immediately went through two consecutive loops, after which it entered a twisted mass of dizzying turns where the track crossed over and under itself countless times before finally coming to a bone-jarring stop.


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