Michelangelo’s two aides tried frantically to get Jeffrey to put the strange weapon down, but without listening, the kid waved it around carelessly. Michelangelo charged toward him as he saw the barrel turn in his direction. Suddenly he felt like his insides were twisted around and his brain sucked out of his head. He felt himself falling and lost consciousness for a moment, but quickly came to and staggered shakily to his feet. He knew he had to get the unknown device out of the hands of that child. There was no telling what it could do. Then suddenly, he realized the device was being gripped in his own hands. He looked across at Jeffrey, but Jeffrey had turned into a giant, twice as tall as he. As he tried to overcome his confusion one of his aides dashed past the man across from him and zapped him with a taser, wrenching the device from his hands. “Bad boy!” she said sternly, but her reprimand was directed toward him. He was just as puzzled by how much the taser had hurt and stunned him as he was by her behavior. “What awe you doing?!” he demanded angrily. “I could fiwe you wight now!” After the words had left his mouth, he realized his voice had changed, and for some reason he seemed incapable of pronouncing his R’s.

Jeffrey noticed that he was suddenly very tall. He looked down at himself in surprise, then gazed down his bulky arm to his huge hand and flexed it experimentally. There was a commotion as a teacher came down into the room. Jeffrey looked across and saw the teacher grab hold of a boy that looked just like him. “Jeffrey, you’re not supposed to be in here!” the teacher reprimanded him. “Come with me! You’ve been a bad boy!” It was then that Jeffrey realized the boy was him. Which meant that he must be somebody else.

“Mr. Demetrius, should we take any of this with us to investigate it further?” the woman asked. There was that name again: Demetrius. Michelangelo Demetrius. Jeffrey had heard it so many times. But this time, the woman seemed to be talking to him. He watched his former self being led out of the lab by the hand, his face a picture of shock and fury as he glanced back, and the new Michelangelo Demetrius grinned in mischievous excitement.


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