Meanwhile, Michelangelo Demetrius and his aides looked around the abandoned lab. It seemed to be completely empty of anything alive. There were, however, plenty of strange devices, machines, and bottles of unknown liquids. The woman shined a flashlight around at all the equipment. “Look at this,” she said, scrutinizing a symbol painted on one of the machines. It looked like a skull and crossbones, only instead of a skull, there was a brain, under which lay two crisscrossing syringes.

“I’ve seen this before,” the other aide said, adjusting his glasses. “In one of the other labs we found.”

“Looks kind of gross. I guess there’s not even anyone here for me to fight,” Michelangelo said with a hint of disappointment.

“Yes, it looks like whoever designed these isn’t home today.” The woman moved the flashlight beam around the dark room, then suddenly stopped. At first, she thought the figure lit up by the beam might be the scientist responsible for this technology, but he appeared to be only a child. Then she realized that one of the children who attended the school must have sneaked down into the lab, and he was reaching for something on a table next to him.

Just as the flashlight beam fell on him, Jeffrey Giligan saw something really cool. On a table in front of him lay a weapon that looked like some kind of high-tech gun, with wires and tubes twisting around it. It was heavy, but he managed to pick it up. Cool, he thought as he looked through a sight attached to the top.


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