The short man with the glasses whispered something to Michelangelo Demetrius, and the two held a short quiet conversation as Michelangelo looked somewhat annoyed. Finally, he put on a smile and turned back to his audience. “I will now hold a short Q&A session before I bust those bad guys. Any questions?”

Hands shot up all over the room and Michelangelo Demetrius indicated a boy near the front. “Did you catch any bad guys today?” the boy asked eagerly.

“Well, as a matter of fact…” All of the kids listened intently as Michelangelo began his narrative. “I saw a thief steal a purse from an old lady. So I caught the thief, gave the purse back, and then helped the lady across the street. I was carrying the culprit toward the police station when a fire truck drove by with its siren blaring. So I jumped onto the back and rode it until it arrived at a burning house. I climbed through a window and rescued a little kid, and then I went back in and saved her dog too. That was when I noticed some police cars at a nearby bank, so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. I dropped the purse thief off with the police, and they told me that the bank was being robbed, and there were hostages involved.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Now, I knew this situation would require stealth and cunning. So I charged through the door and flattened all the criminals before they had a chance to think!” He raised his voice to a heroic shout, and his audience all burst into raucous cheers.


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