When the Immortals had descended deep underground, they heard a loud commotion and found the mortals together with many of the Goblin-folk. The savage creatures were attacking someone, but with a command from Angel, they scattered. Arnol looked in horror to see Ando the thief lying dead on the floor.

Lord Andor stepped forward, gazing in amazement at him and the ones he had brought with him. “Do not think Ando died in innocence,” he said. “He deserved this fate, and brought it on his own head. He is a thief and a traitor, and is worse even than some of the Goblin-folk.”

Queen Goblannah was awoken from a nap by some of her leaders that rushed into her chamber. Sour and irritable, she listened to their tale of the tall commanding people that had invaded their tunnels. Furious, she followed them to where their prisoners had been working. She was shocked to see the newcomers leading her former servants toward the surface, while the other Goblin-folk did nothing to stop them.

“Stop!” she screamed. “Stop, or we killyou!”

Angel strode over to her confidently. “Are you the ruler of this people?”

Queen Goblannah stared up at him uncertainly. “I queen. I say no take slaves. Leave Goblin-folk home now!”

“They are not your slaves anymore,” Angel said without hesitation. “They are free now. You must not harm them or try to enslave them again. Other than that, you are free to do as you will. We will all leave your home now.” With that, he turned and walked away.

The queen tried to go after him, but she found that she couldn’t move her legs. When she tried to push herself forward they began to shake uncontrollably. Finally, she turned and took out her frustration on her leaders. “Idiots, next time no wake me. Me not care about stupid slaves. Let them go. Me go back to sleep!” She stormed off to her room, humiliated.

On the way out Arnol was filled in on what had happened in his absence. After Mork had released them and they had tried to escape, they had gotten lost in the dark maze of tunnels. It wasn’t long before Ando had found them, with a force of the Goblin-folk on his heels. The people were surrounded and recaptured. Ando had told them a story of how he had planned to steal some food so they would all have something to eat, but then he was captured by the Goblin-folk and forced to show them where their slaves had gone. He had explained that he didn’t have a choice, but the fact that he had been stealing food made many of them wonder about him. Their suspicions were confirmed when he was caught eating alone in a dark corner of their prison while the others were sleeping. He had managed to hide some food from the store-room in pockets beneath his clothes before he was caught, had kept it to himself, and had eaten it greedily while no one was watching.

Before they could decide what to do about him, however, his actions had brought about his own punishment. He was caught once again stealing food from the Goblin-folk, and this time no amount of pleading or excuses could save him. The other mortals had not much sympathy for his fate, now that they knew his true nature.


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