A small group of the Goblin-folk was hunting when they saw a strange procession approaching. There were many tall people riding on creatures that seemed half like them, and the other half like beasts or birds. In front, next to one of the tall people, there rode one who looked very similar, but was smaller and obviously of a different race. He looked like one of the people that they had taken as slaves. As the group drew near, the Goblin-folk could tell that the taller ones had some hidden power, and seemed greatly intimidating.

The riders all stopped and dismounted. Angel, the leader of the Immortals who had left the city, turned to the centaur he had ridden through the forest. “Thank you for your aid,” he said solemnly. “May the Creator bless you.”

The centaur bowed his upper body deferentially. “I had never seen people like yours, and did not know anyone so wise, elegant and gracious existed. The world is a strange place. We would be happy to help you again, if ever you desire it.”

The beast-people left and returned back to their territory. Arnol led the Immortals around the rocky cliffs. “It was in this direction that we found refuge in the cave,” he told them. They started to follow him, but then Angel stopped and turned to a small dark crevice in one of the cliffs. “Come out,” he said in a commanding voice. Reluctantly the group of Goblin-folk hunters came out into the sunlight. “Are these the creatures you saw?” the Immortal asked Arnol.

“Yes,” came his reply.

Angel turned back to them. “Do you know where the others like this man are? Have you seen his people?”

The creatures muttered quietly to themselves, as if not wanting to give an answer but also reluctant to refuse.

“Speak!” Angel commanded in a tone that brooked no argument.

“Y-yes, Goblin-folk take people as prisoners. People serve Goblin-folk now.”

“They’re alive?” Arnol asked in relief.

“Yes, alive.”

“You will take us to them.” Angel said as if he was stating a definite fact.

Arnol was surprised to see the Goblin-folk obediently turn and lead them off into the small cave. It seemed like there were no other creatures who had the power to resist the will of the Immortals.


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