Despite how primitive the Goblin-folk appeared at first, they had at least mastered the skill of metal-working. Down in their deep caves and tunnels they mined iron and used it to forge their weapons and tools. There were vast caverns and rooms that had been delved by their ancestors, and they constantly added to them. Despite their quarrelsome nature, once they started working on a project that they all agreed on they could work together surprisingly well. There was, however, a fair amount of disorder and chaos much of the time. Though the queen was supposed to be the absolute monarch, there were often many that would not listen to her. Certain factions especially seemed to ignore almost everything she said. She had leaders that she would promote and give special command privileges, and she would make them enforce her laws, but even they would not always obey her. The queen seemed to have no military, law enforcement, or other institution to make sure her commands were carried out. There was a staggering amount of disrespect and fighting in their everyday lives. Many times two of them would get so angry they would engage in a battle to the death, and only the victor would survive. There would be a crowd watching the action, and when it was over they would all go back to their lives as if all of it was normal, hardly shedding a tear for the lost life.

The mortals were locked in a large room with a heavy iron door. Being trapped and surrounded deep underground, they had no choice but to do what their captors demanded of them. They helped dig new tunnels, mined ore, and assisted in the process of turning the ore into refined metal. Some of them also helped heal the injured and treat their wounds. They lost track of time with no glimpse of the sun or moon.

One day after they had been down there a while, Mork, the one whose life Elma had saved, came and opened the door of their prison. “You go free, now!” he said hurriedly.

They were surprised, but skeptical.

“You saved Mork, so Mork save you,” Mork continued. “Mork want you to be free. But can’t fight against queen, queen kill Mork. Must hurry before queen finds out.”


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