Elma studied the creature’s injuries. He appeared to have several broken bones, a bleeding head, and a burn from where his torch had landed on his bare skin. She did the best she could to treat the injuries while the others watched her. Miserably, she wished that Eveli could take her place. She was much more qualified for something like this.

Right after the trap door had opened beneath Elma, another secret passage was revealed. What had looked like part of the wall was slid to the side, and more of the creatures came pouring through. The one in front was especially savage, and started hacking away with a short sword at everyone nearby. As they all scattered, pushing through the cave to try to get away, Eveli found herself locked in combat with this one, trying to halt her rampage with nothing but a small knife. As the creature yelled maniacally and hammered away at her with the sword, Eveli wished that Anson was in her place. Fighting was his forte.

Meanwhile Anson had been fighting off the beasts at the entrance when more of the creatures appeared and chased them off. Others blocked the entrance, and Anson soon found that the mortals were surrounded. They didn’t attack him, but forced him to surrender his weapon. Anson saw that there were too many to fight off, so he went along with their demands. He tried to reason with them, his brain racing to come up with something to say. He wasn’t very good at diplomacy. If only Arnol were here, he thought. No doubt he would find a creative solution to this predicament.

By this time Arnol was well on his way, running with all the speed he could muster back toward the city of the Immortals. As he grew short on breath and his legs felt heavy, he wished Archean had been able to go in his place.

Meanwhile Archean was taken underground and surrounded by curious creatures, who ignored the intense pain he was under. As his leg throbbed unmercifully, Archean wished that he was in anyone else’s place.


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