A great meeting was called to discuss the fate of Elma, as well as further countermeasures against the thief. Before it started Lord Andor spoke to King Adamatheous, the eldest among them and father of all. “Will you not join in our counsel?” Andor asked. “You are still our father and king, and we will follow your word, whatever law you set. We have never had a murderer among us, and I do not know what judgment would be best.”

“Do not call me king,” said Adamatheous. “I forfeited that right when I failed all of you, leading you into evil, and consequently out of our home. You can do a much better job of leading the people than I can. Besides, I am old and weary. I will let others who are willing govern my children, while I waste away.”

“I will help,” said Princess Evia, the daughter of Adamatheous. “If anyone will not listen to you, Andor, they should listen to me. But you have good judgment, so you shall be in charge of guiding and leading the people. I will help when I can.”


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