Arnol sang often, and he lifted many spirits when they were low. Elma and some of the others disliked him, and they didn’t participate when others joined him in merrymaking. But he tried to ignore them and stay positive, even when they badmouthed and criticized him.

One evening while Arnol was in the middle of a song, Eveli suddenly cried out. “I left some cooked meat right here to cool as I was preparing some more, and now it is gone. Has somebody taken it?” No one answered.

“If someone has taken the food, they must answer to Eveli,” said Lord Andor, one of the eldest among them and revered for his wisdom. “Speak!”

“Why is this such a matter of importance?” asked one of the younger men named Arralor. “If someone has eaten it, they have eaten it. Let them be. Is there not more food?”

“There may not always be more food,” Eveli replied. “And anyway, you should not take something that is not yours. I am preparing food for everyone, and dividing it so each can have their share. If you want more, you should go find it and prepare it yourself. Did you take it?”

“I did not take it,” said Arralor, “and I don’t know who did.”


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