It was about this time that the sad reality of their mortality became evident. One of the people was bitten by a snake, and suddenly grew very ill. Eveli took care of him and treated the wound, but she could not stop the poison. She came to check on him one morning and he was lying cold and motionless. At first she thought he was in a deep sleep, but when she looked at him closely she saw he wasn’t breathing. It soon became apparent that he was dead, and the people realized that he would never live again in the same world. His body was an empty carcass, his soul had left forever, and no one knew where it had gone.

Then they took the man’s body and buried it under the earth, so that no wild animals could find him or eat his flesh. Many of them placed things of importance on his grave to honor his memory. Once they had spoken their farewells, they left him there to lie in peace until the end.

The people also began to notice a change in some of their elders, as the skin on their faces became thin and lined with wrinkles. For the first time the formerly immortal people had become acquainted with aging and death.


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