The people went on through the forest, farther and farther away from where the tree-elves dwelt. They saw no more sign of them. Days passed, and the trees seemed to stretch on endlessly, usually thick and stifling, but with rare places where shafts of sunlight filtered down through holes in the leaves above. Gradually they began to grow tired of the woods and to long for open fields again.

Food was plentiful in the form of wild animals, fruits, berries, and vegetables. Eveli worked diligently at studying new types of plants that were found, discovering their uses and dangers. Some were unwholesome and made those who ate them sick. These she learned to avoid, and she taught some of the others the knowledge she gained. She also found plants that had medicinal properties, and learned to take care of the sick. More and more time passed, and the people grew used to living their daily lives of traveling and foraging for food. They made baskets and netting out of wood, leaves and vines, using them to store and carry the extra food they acquired until it was ready to be eaten.


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