A stunned silence followed Arnol’s song, as the elves seemed unsure of how to react to the sudden twist at the end. Arnol hoped they weren’t offended by the tree-elf getting eaten. Then all at once they suddenly burst into raucous laughter, many of them falling over and rolling on the wooden platforms. Arnol laughed with them, enjoying himself greatly. He liked the tree-elves.

Some of them took some plates to him, stacked high with strange golden-brown treats. “Have some cookies, eat them!” one said. “They are delicious!”

“Yes, they are delicious!” the others agreed.

“Eat them!”



Arnol tried one. He was shocked as he savored the wonderful sweet flavor. He felt like he had never tasted anything so good in his life. “How do you make them?” he wondered.

The elves tried to explain their recipe, but since they kept interrupting each other, making jokes, and laughing, Arnol was soon lost amid all the ingredients and baking techniques. His focus started to drift as he grew drowsy. He wondered why he suddenly felt so sleepy as his vision blurred and his eyes began to close. Was it their incessant chattering that was putting him to sleep? That was his last thought before darkness engulfed his mind and he strayed into a vague dream.


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