This was the song that Arnol sang to the tree-elves:

There lived at the top of a tree a silly old tree-elf.
He laughed at everything in sight, and even at himself.

Then one day a prowling beast did chance upon the tree.
It looked up in the branches and it said, “What’s that I see?”

The tree-elf answered, “It depends on what you’re looking at.”
The tree-elf started giggling then, as in the tree he sat.

The beast was not amused and said, “I’m looking up at you.
A strange and silly thing you look, with big ears and curled shoes.”

“My ears, they may be big indeed,” the elf said with a laugh,
“but your snout is so long that you could use it as a staff!”

The beast then growled in anger as it said, “You’re very rude.
I do not care what you are now, for soon you’ll be my food!”

With that it tried to scramble up the thick and smooth tree trunk,
but its claws could find no purchase and it fell back with a thunk.

To see that sight, the tree-elf laughed so hard he could not see.
He laughed so hard, he even laughed himself out of the tree!

The beast looked up and saw him as he fell right off his bough,
and right before it swallowed him it said, “Who’s laughing now?”


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