More of the creatures began to appear high in the tree branches, and they looked down at the people curiously. Their faces seemed merry and many of them were laughing or singing.

“What are you?” Arnol asked again, looking at the creature who hung down in front of him.

This just made the creature laugh some more. “What am I?” he repeated. “Don’t you know tree-elf when you see one? This silly fellow doesn’t know what tree-elf is. Heeheeheehee! Better question is, what are you? You are no tree-elf. Your ears are so tiny! Heeheeheeheehee!”

The others laughed in chorus with him. “Heeheehee! Tiny ears! Tiny ears!”

Arnol laughed along. “You just think that because yours are so big!”

At that the tree-elves started laughing and pulling on each others’ ears.


“Big ears! Big ears!”

“Your ears are too big!”

“Yours are bigger!”

One of them tried to swing from another’s ear, but he pulled him off the branch with him and after landing in a heap they both laughed uproariously.


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