The people listened uncertainly to the singing amid the trees. They didn’t know that there was anything else in the world capable of speech, much less song.

Suddenly a strange creature popped down right in front of Arnol. It resembled the mortals, but was much smaller, about half of Arnol’s height. His ears were huge and pointed on the end, and he hung upside-down from a branch by a pair of greenish shoes with curled toes that he wore on his large feet.

“What are you?” Arnol asked in surprise. “Were you one of the ones singing?”

In reply the creature simply made a face, sticking out his tongue and wiggling his giant ears.

While many people might have been offended by his behavior, Arnol was not. Instead, he made a face back at the creature, pushing in his cheeks as he stuck his lips out.

The creature responded by rolling his eyes upward, puffing out his cheeks, and pushing up his pointed nose.

Then Arnol squinted his eyes, pulled the sides of his mouth back, and stuck up his tongue until it touched his nose. The face he made was so ridiculous that the creature couldn’t keep a straight face. He almost fell from the branch as he burst out in high-pitched laughter, swinging to and fro as he held his stomach.


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