The people were growing hungry, and were unsure of how to get food in this new land. Elma spat out some grass she had been trying to chew. “There is nothing good to eat,” she complained loudly. “I miss the gardens we had back home, and the orchards filled with delicious, juicy fruit. The Creator must mean for us to perish with hunger out here. Why did He not just kill us to begin with? That would have been a more merciful fate than starving to death.”

Then the young woman Eveli, who had a talent for cooking, approached the beast that Anson had slain. She cut it into pieces and began cooking the meat over a fire. At first the people were disgusted, but she convinced them to try the meat. It was not very flavorful, but it was edible.

“We do not have our gardens and orchards anymore,” Eveli said. “There is no use in complaining about what we do not have. We must learn to make do with what food we can find for ourselves.”


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