Arnol raised his voice and spoke to all those around him. “Listen, everyone! Why should we continue to walk with downcast faces? Look! The sun is shining, and the wind stirs the grass like ripples in a pond. We may not be able to return to our home, but the world outside has beauty as well. The Creator has not doomed us to misery forever! Instead I think He desires that we embrace what small joys we can, and not think only of what we have lost. We used to sing and laugh, so let us do so again! And please hurry. I am afraid all of your frowns might attract the rain, and I am not fond of getting wet.”

Several of those around could not help but smile at the joke. Arnol laughed. “See, happiness can always be found when you look for it!”

But there was one woman nearby that did not smile. “How dare you say such things,” she said condescendingly. “You should not make light of our sorrow. How can you laugh and joke when the Creator has banished laughter from our lips? You mock Him, as well as our plight!”

Then one of the elders, Andor, son of Andomath, admonished her. “Elma, do not rebuke the young man, for he is right. It is easy to become depressed by life’s trials, but we should always seek to find happiness where we can.”


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