This is the continuation of my story entitled “Birth of the Immortals.” It follows the group that is banished from their city and lose their immortality, becoming normal humans.

It was a sad procession that made its way out of the great city, out of the land that they all used to call home. Stripped of their immortality, the people were condemned to go out into the world, away from the safety of the walls that surrounded the city, unsure of what they would encounter. Slowly they trod through the tall grass, their hearts heavy with the burden of their sentence. They knew that it was their own actions that had brought these consequences upon them, and this made their mood all the more glum and dispirited.

But there was one among them that did not seem sad like the others. As he walked along he sang a happy song, and whistled gaily, as if the gloom of the punishment they had received did not affect him. His name was Arnol.

Another young man of similar age to him trod beside him. He looked at his companion in puzzlement. “How can you do this?” he asked. “You know well what has just happened to our people, do you not? We are banished, doomed to never again enter our home.”

Arnol turned to him and smiled. “Come, Anson! Why should we allow our present circumstances to overshadow us with grief? The Creator has banished us, but He has not suppressed the song in my heart!”


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